Adam Carolla Uncut: Dos and Don'ts on Masterbating and How to Create a Successful Podcast

The best comedians have always found a way to intertwine their personal lives and entertainment but not many have taken that concept to a film such as Adam Carolla with his role in Road Hard.  As he transitioned from a successful podcast, his brand/vision grew while still bringing him back to the roots of getting on the road. The space in between helped Adam create Road Hard which he discusses in-depth while on Sway in the Morning. He offers up some sound advice on business building as he describes exactly how he was able to build an incredible following despite a saturated market. As with all professions, consistency is key but it doesn’t end there.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the full interview with Adam Carolla below and be sure to check out Road Hard as it becomes available March 6th.


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