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AD Rock of the Beastie Boys Says It's Strange Musicians Don't Produce Their Own Tracks or Write Own Lyrics & Explains Why he Doesn't Listen to New Music

A member of one of the most iconic rap groups ever, AD Rock of the Beastie Boys joins Sway In The Morning to speak on his career, current music and why he doesn’t listen to new rap.

Revealing right off the bat that he doesn’t listen to Beastie Boys music, AD Rock recalls the making of “Paul Revere” while sharing that he is part of the crowd noise on T La Rock’s “It’s Yours.”  Talking about hanging out with Rick Rubin and DJ Jazzy Jay we hear the story of the first time AD Rock tried brass monay.

Moving on to current music we hear AD Rock reveal that he doesn’t listen to new rap music because there is so much undiscovered 70’s reggae to get through and he doesn’t want to be the old man in the club.  He also elaborates on the notion of artists not producing, writing and designing their own material and how it seems weird to him.

Wrapping things up we hear AD Rock and Ben Daitz of Num Pang NYC reveal the AD Rock Lunchbox and it’s benefit to some NYC dog shelters.  Check out the full interviews below.

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