Actors from the ‘Crown Heights’ Film Talk Colin Warner’s Wrongful Imprisonment for 21 Years, The Injustice of the Judicial System, and The Power Behind This Film For the Youth

Colin Warner stops by Sway in the Morning to tell his moving story of being exonerated after spending 21 years in prison for a murder crime that he did not commit. Actor, Lakeith Standfield, and producer, Nnamdi Asomogha, also discuss the importance of the film, ‘Crown Heights’ which tells the story of Warner’s wrongful imprisonment and exoneration.

Colin Warner discusses the importance of this film, given that many people perceive perceive his story as fiction rather than a horrific reality. Well, Colin Warner is here to reveal the truth about his time in prison; he describes his time in prison with the tragic truth that “They had me like a slave.”

When asked why he decided to share his life story to the public, Colin Warner states that “From day one of my arrest, that’s April 1980, it was my mission to get my story out and let it be heard, because that’s all I had.” Warner hopes to utilize his story to encourage others to begin the process of creating true positive change and no longer simply having discussion about mass incarceration of black and brown people.

Tune in to hear more about the actor and producer’s desire to make this movie and more about Colin Warner’s stories about his time in prison.

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