Action Bronson Taps Rick Ross for “9-24-7000”

After a nearly two-year hiatus, Action Bronson is dropping a new album. Blue Chips 7000 comes out on Friday and is set to have 13 tracks.

The 33-year-old previously released three singles for this album.  “The Chairman’s Intent”, “Let Me Breathe”, and “Durag vs. Headband” featuring Big Body Bess. You check out the full track-listing on Spotify and Apple Music. Along with Rick Ross and Big Body Bess, Meyhem Lauren is also featured on the album.

Today, Bronson dropped the fourth single “9-24-7000.” If you still haven’t found the perfect ‘stunt on em’ summertime cruise music yet, thank these guys. The relaxing production and their flows over it give prime ‘in my bag’ vibes. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re in a Maybach. Don’t worry, we’re doing the same.

Catch the vibes below.


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