By Simone Hunter-Hobson

Ace Hood stops by Sway in the Morning to talk about his life as an independent artist and his new album ‘Trust the Process’ released on August 21st.

After working with labels, such as We the Beat Music and Cash Money Records, Ace Hood discusses his determination to have faith and trust the process of his fateful journey as an independent artist. He gives details about his journey, in which he relied on his loved ones to keep him motivated.

Discussing his routine to stay healthy and full of energy, Ace Hood enjoys yoga, which is often perceived as an activity for women. However, he explains that yoga taught him discipline and flexibility not only physically but also mentally.

Reflecting on his new album ‘Trust the Process’, Ace Hood also discusses some of the meaning behind his lyrics, which discuss overcoming depression and now claiming his spot in the music industry.

Tune in to hear more about Ace Hood talk about the taboo behind the topic of depression, the significance of his lyrics, and more.

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