Aaron Paul Gives his Thoughts on Cults While Breaking Down his New Show “The Path” + People Asking Him to Call Them a B**ch

Not many people have a legendary voice like Aaron Paul, aside from Morgan Freeman of course. With his new Hulu series “The Path” out now, Paul joins the Sway in the Morning crew to break down this show while giving his thoughts on cults.

Starting things off by realizing he and Sway sat near each other at the Super Bowl, Paul fills the crew in on what he and his wife like to do in their spare time. From just laying low to heading back to Paul’s home state of Idaho to hang out in the mountains he reveals that they are just a boring married couple.

Being that “The Path” follows a cult called the Meyerist Movement, Paul does his best to explain that most cults or movements don’t have a bad message just a power-hungry leader. Stating that the Meyerist Movement believe in simply being a good person while being constantly transparent he reveals that the creator of the show even wrote up a bible for the cast to study.

After speaking on the show for some time Paul takes calls from the citizens, after a couple normal “I’m your biggest fan” moments one caller asks Paul to morph into his “Breaking Bad” character Jesse Pinkman and call her a b**ch. After a quick laugh Paul tells Sway and the cast a story of meeting an old woman around the age of 90. Talking for a while she abruptly asked him to call her a b**ch in his patented grungy voice, an occurrence that has become quite normal for the ex “Breaking Bad” star.

You can watch the interview above and tune into “The Path” on Hulu.

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