A$AP Yams & A$AP TyY got us in a "Chamber Lock"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

If the song demand that the listener get uncomfortably close to the viscera of the hip-hop culture, they do so in a way that exposes how humans move through pain and somehow justifying (and finding comfort) in having to leave life behind. Since the passing of the great A$AP Yams, the MOB have been leaning on one another during this difficult time.

As A$AP TyY gears up for his upcoming mix tape release, he pays homage to his brethren — Yams in their collaborated track entitled, “Chamber Lock.”

A$AP Yams’ is featured in the very beginning. What we hear is chilling audio of Yams, himself — provided in the very beginning of which is then quickly followed by dark instrumentals and the chorus singing,

“Tell me where you wanna go / You got the gun in your hands / I know you’ve got plans”

As A$AP TyY confesses,

” Lord forgive me for my sins / I just wanna win / Story of my struggle “

Strive In Peace “S.I.P.” Yams

Listen to the track below:

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