A$AP Ferg the newest member of Pro-Era? Forreal?

A$AP Ferg the newest member of Pro-Era? Forreal?

This is just a speculation as of right now but we’ve noticed a little bit weird activity on Twitter lately…

A few days ago A$AP Ferg took to his Twitter account to let everyone know how dedicated he was to his music and how he had no time to be “Cozy”.


Now as many A$AP fans know, a few members of the clan roll around in robes and comfy slippers and refer to themselves as the ‘Cozy Boys’. At first we thought nothing of of it until the following day when Ferg tweeted that he was now the newest member of Pro-Era.


If you pay attention, Ferg hasn’t been seen with his ASAP brothers and has been taking more a solo approach toward his music. It’s probably not really even that big of deal considering the his sophomore album is still titled Always Strive And Prosper… the full meaning of the A.S.A.P acronym. It’s probably nothing serious at all. Plus we all know how loyal the A$AP brothers are to each other.

What do you guys think?

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