A-Trak & Andrew Wyatt "Push" for Debauchery in Their Latest Video

So for those in the know — (& those in the “need-to-know” category) — A-Trak and Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow are probably the most creative minds within the Indie Pop/Dance music realm.

They released this track together a few months ago, but today Sweden (Andrew) and Canada (A-Trak) have joined forces to release the official video for the single “Push“.

In doing so, the two hot-boys have put together a naked fest of blurred private parts with random implementations of a snake and tiger (per A-Trak’s request). Just imagine Coachella Festival and the ever-so infamous Burning Man packed into one big mansion — and you will find a lot of stuff in common within the visuals to “Push“. Taking away from the song which clearly states that they want to push love away, Andrew Wyatt’s famous vocals come in singing,

I made you feel / Like I’m all yours / But I can’t stop myself on tour / It’s such a hard thing to push, push, push love away.

Touché Andrew, touché. Watch the debauchery, below:

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