A Much Closer Look At BMW’s Upcoming i8 Roadster

A Much Closer Look At BMW’s Upcoming i8 Roadster

Today the good folks over at BMW are back, and they are looking the future directly in the face. Today we get a closer look at BMW’s upcoming i8 Roadster, which looks to have quite a futuristic appeal. BMW’s new, upcoming i8 Roadster gets a teaser today, though still rocking a camouflage veil that doesn’t reveal too much.

However, we do see the interesting scissor-style doors that swing upwards, though keeping any details and specs under wraps. The ride certainly looks sleek and futuristic, while also letting us know that the car’s body will be made out of plastic, reinforced with carbon-fibre. Check out the short teaser video in the clip below and give us your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for much more from BMW coming very soon.

Photo provided by BMW

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