A Look Inside “The Culture”, a Chicago Hip Hop Documentary Inspired by Chance the Rapper, King Louie and More

While many Chicago natives had their honest opinions regarding the Spike Lee film “Chiraq”, one that brought light to the dangerous situations that many see from the outside completely different from those living in it. Questions quickly followed whether or not it was a proper representation of Chicago. Such is far from the case with “The Culture” a hip hop documentary that chooses to show the world a positive aspect of their city and the people that are actively contributing to the ever growing scene.

Thanks to Cole Bennett, the windy city is getting a different type of recognition this time around and with younger artists like Chance the Rapper, King Louie and DLow continuing to grow – things will get better. If all the media focuses on is the violence in Chicago and never the positives coming out of the city, what hope is there really to hold onto and strive towards. It is far from a story of despair, the Chi has been one of music history’s most important pieces dating back to Muddy Waters and beyond.

Best thing about this documentary is that it was filmed by those actually in the community. Hearing a perspective from artists in the trenches working to better their hood sends the right message, a message that needs to be heard by a younger generation turning to them for a glimpse of what could be.

One of the best hours you will spend all week guaranteed, press play below and look around you – is there something you can contribute to within your own community? It doesn’t start nor stop here.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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