A Look Inside Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

A Look Inside Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

When it comes to legendary and classic rides, the good folks over at Jaguar Land Rover are no strangers. Today they are back, this time around giving us an inside look at the beautiful and unique restoration facility known as Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works. This is the largest classic car sales, manufacturing, and restoration facility of its kind in the world and just recently opened up.

Here we find 14,000 square meters of space that includes a workshop with room for over 120 specialists, servicing and restoring all Jaguar and Rover models out of production for a decade or longer. This unique workshop also features remanufacturing zones for the Series I, Range Rover Classic, and Jaguar E-type Reborn programs. There are even hands-on areas that present a look at British motoring history comprised of more than 500 vehicles. Have a look at this beautiful destination below and give us your thoughts in the comments. Learn more at Classic Works right here, right now!

Photos provided by Jaguar Land Rover

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