A Look Inside HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Capsule Collection

A Look Inside HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Capsule Collection

In case you did not know, HBO’s ‘Ballers’ are back. Last week HBO celebrated the show’s third season with a unique pop-up shop that included some unique designs from apparel to art. Today we get a look at HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Capsule Collection, which includes t-shirts, bombers, hoodies, footwear and much more. HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Capsule Collection comes with an array of designs from Buscemi, Cazal, Hall of Fame, ROc96 x MadeWorn and Pyer Moss that effortlessly and flawlessly celebrates the show.

The collection includes a ROC96 x MadeWorn T-Shirt and bomber jacket that pays homage to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album, Pyer Moss limited edition oversized short-sleeve shirts and hooded sweatshirts, all white Buscemi slides and 125mm high-top sneakers, and more. The collection was on display at a VIP launch event that featured influencers including actors John David Washington, Troy Garity, and London Brown. Check out the collection in the images below and give us your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for much more and be sure to check out ‘Ballers’ on HBO!

Photos provided by Michael Angulo/Team Epiphany

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