A Look At Brandalism & Medicom Toy’s Detailed Banksy Figurines

There is no name bigger in the world of street art these days than Banksy. The artist has taken things to a whole new level and has garnered a whole new appreciation for this brave and unique form of art. Today Banksy and his iconic creations are celebrated thanks to the good folks over at Brandalism and Medicom Toy.

These two recently paired up to bring Banksy’s Bomb Hugger and Pink Angel pieces to life, doing so with eye-catching detail and a sleek design. The pieces are bold and brilliant and bring two of Banksy’s stencil designs to life. The Bomb Hugger features a young girl hugging a large military type bomb, while the Pink Angel is a reinterpretation of a 19th-century plaster cast of an angel with a paint bucket on its head. The pieces are around 30 centimeters tall and are slated for release later this year. Look for the Bomb Hugger design in May, while Pink Angel will drop in September.

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