The future is here, now, and it’s certainly apparent in the world of architecture. We’ve all seen some sort of modern, contemporary design, but today we get a look at the world’s most futuristic pharmacy, which comes from the creative folks over at Studio KTX archiLAB. This outstanding design incorporates some unique features, which finds KTX keeping the primary reason people visit pharmacies in mind. KTX provided natural elements such as trees, green walls, and flowers which adds a calming and refreshing approach.

KTX argued that these features put visitors at ease, while inside a minimal, sleek and futuristic appeal makes a welcoming touch. With advanced medical care as a template, the building features an open design that is all glass at the facade providing nice views and plenty of natural light. The location is interesting and eye-catching, and certainly something straight from the future. Have a look at the intriguing design in the images below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay tuned for much more futuristic forms coming very soon.

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