A First Look At Steven Harrington’s ‘Hello Mello’ Sculpture

Art comes in a vast array of designs, disciplines and more. Today the Los Angeles based artist, Steven Harrington is back with a look at his latest design, which is perfect for your home, office, or both. Today we get A First Look At Steven Harrington’s ‘Hello Mello’ Sculpture. This unique design comes in at 11 inches and is made in collaboration with Cross Studio Hong Kong.

This impressive design is a perfect example of Harrington’s pop-art creations, boasting two palm trees that come tangled up with one another. The sculpture is set to make its official debut at the upcoming Strawberry Festival in Shanghai’s Expo Park. You can pick yours up at Steve Harrington’s official website starting July 21. Act fast though, only 200 of these will be available. Stay tuned for more from the world of art coming soon!

Photos provided by You and I

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