A Discussion About the Importance of Same-Sex Marriage With Manu Keams of the LGBT Community

Photo & video by Yinka

We’re living through history as the Supreme Court announced their decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states! And on that same day, Sway invited Manu to the show — an intelligent 21-year old who also happens to be gay.

Sway met the aspiring photographer at LOGO TV’s Trailblazer Honors event, where his mother was being recognized with the “Trailblazing Parent Award” for her work in creating a new non-profit Native American Chapter in Phoenix for PFLAG (Parents Friends of Lesbian and Gays).

Manu eloquently gave his thoughts on the new law, saying:

“Today is a milestone in the history of Civil Rights, that is further proof of our limitless inherent power as human beings that this is just another statement saying, ‘we’ve been kicked down, but we’re going to live from a love-centered place, and we’re going to make our dreams happen.'”

Watch below for more and follow @ManuKeams on IG. What are your thoughts on the new same-sex decision?

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