A deeper look into the LifeofDesiigner- Brought to you by Rob Markman & Genius

A deeper look into the LifeofDesiigner- Brought to you by Rob Markman & Genius

So outside of the Life of Pablo, there is the Life of Desiigner…

All of  the questions you guys may have had before about G.O.O.D. Music’s Desiigner have been answered all thanks to Genius’ (formerly Rap Genius) Rob Markman.

Who would’ve known a beat that costs a total of $200 would soon turn in the the number 1 single on the Billboard Top 100 chart?

After the success of “Panda” and it becoming the hottest song in the country, many speculations regarding his sound, origin, and style began to surface and he stopped by the Genius offices to offer some clarity.

Originating in Bedstuy, Brooklyn Desiigner grew up in heavily in the street life. It was at the tender age of 14 years old that the rapper decided to do something a little more productive with his life after being shot in the hip and surviving his injuries.

Although “Panda” is the song that earned his recognition from Mike Dean, this guy had already had a few tracks under his belt such as “Zombie War” and “On the Low”.

Right before his debut on Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden for Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 debut, Desiigner says he had about 11 different labels ready to sign him. A few were hesitant and wanted to wait until to see how “Panda” would do, meanwhile Mike Dean and the rest of G.O.O.D music wasted no time.

After watching this interview it is clear that this guy isn’t impersonating anyone but is only being him self and that his natural speaking voice heavily resembles his voice on the tracks. And not to mention how clever the bars are… We don’t want to speak to much, we’d much rather you tune in…

Peep it below:


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