Always coming through the Sway In The Morning studios with a knockout interview, The Camp Evander Holyfield joins the crew alongside Bert Marcus.  Marcus speaks on his forthcoming documentary “Champs” which outlines the lives of Mr. Holyfield as well as Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins.

Starting the interview off on a joking note we hear The Champ touch on the infamous ear biting incident with Mike Tyson.  Inquiring about who hit the hardest out of anyone he ever fought, Sway is told that George Foreman gave out the biggest jab of them all making Holyfield think his teeth were completely knocked out.

We hear from both Holyfield and Marcus about the upbringing of some of the most talented boxers and how they escaped the violence of shady neighborhoods with a more sophisticated form of throwing hands better known as boxing.  From there both men give their take on the seriousness of head trauma and their issues with the current rules of boxing including only needing one MRI to receive a professional certification.  Check out the rest of what Evander Holyfield and writer and director of “Champs,” Bert Marcus, have to say below.

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