5 Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

5 Streetwear Brands You Need to Know

At Sway’s Universe we are always trying to keep every element of hip hop culture intact. But also growing and supporting our own. Fashion has always been a part of the culture, from the days of Run DMC to the Migos. So we will be bringing to you some dope independent brands that we rock with and we think you should too.


Texas underground hip hop legend All Hail Y.T. formerly known as Yung Texxus is still putting out classic music, like his recent drop Street Poisoned. But when not in the studio Y.T. is building an empire with his new streetwear brand Bullion Luccini. He connected with his business partner, New York socialite and fashion insider Papi Moreno to launch a clothing line that is about reaching deep to access the untapped resources within ourselves.

Bullion Luccini only prints in small batches to ensure the integrity of the brand is intact. For more on Bullion Luccini connect on their site https://bullionluccini.com.


DJ gWiz has been setting the DJ bar high for years now. So it was only right that back in 2017 he expanded his portfolio by creating his brand Wizdom. As a streetwear brand Wiz wanted to create a brand that was about much more than the surface level of another piece of apparel to rock. He wanted to create a brand that is about positive vibes. Wizdom is arts & ideas that inspire and motivate.

For more on Wizdom Gear connect on their site https://www.wizdomgear.com.


OP New York is a lifestyle brand that represents ALL races, nationalities, creeds, cultures, and lifestyles. They feature some dope sweatsuits in various colors for men, women, and kids. They have also partnered with New Era for some custom snapbacks to pair with the sweat suits.

For more on OP New York connect on their site https://www.opnewyork.com.


Mistah F.A.B. is easily one of the most recognizable figures from the Bay Area. He is a freestyle king and has made some dope music as well. Back in 2011 he launched Dope Era Apparel based in Oakland. The brand specializes in men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle and luxury urban wear. if in the bay area stop by the store and you just may catch F.A.B. or even the big homie Snoop.

For more on Dope Era connect on their site https://dopeera.com.


Fichétte is another limited quantity brand but it has found its way into the hands of a lot of celebrities. You can find everyone from Nipsey Hussle to Baron Davis. Their brand is so exclusive, they do not have a site. And you can only purchase at one of their pop up shops or in Harlem Haberdashery Boutique, Kickskonneisseurs or Dynasty Mt. Vernon.

Follow Fichétte on instagram.

Be on the look out for all of these brands and remember to support the culture.

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