Earl Sweatshirt Releases Project "Solace" Dedicated to His Mother

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Earl Sweatshirt returned from Samoa, and his whole world was turned upside down.

Not just from a musical standpoint, but with a rift between him and Momma Sweatshirt; it’s clear to say that Earl has been struggling with being able to get a good grasp in life.

As if trying to stay humble in a life of a new-found stardom in rapid time isn’t scary enough — the 18-year-old Odd Future rapper saw his relationship with his foundation (his Mother) under tremendous strain telling The New Yorker (in 2011),

I can say there have been few things in my life worse than the moment I was trying to figure out who started all this ‘let’s get together and hate Earl’s mom’ business and had now subjected her to potential physical harm and realized that in a way it was me.

Fate have you — Earl managed to find his lane in the game and has also (thankfully) been able to repair his relationship with Momma. In fact, he even recorded a project dedicated to his Mother titled, “Solace“.

Listen to the 10-minute project, below:


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