R&B's best kept secret, JoJo falls "Far From Heaven" in her latest [Listen]

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

A new record has hit the net by none other than, little Miss JoJo.

A soulful ballad, with the perfect piano chords to match the pain she sings through her vocals. Considering the fact that JoJo quickly rose as a child-star — “Far From Heaven” is a flawless track that will inevitably touch a wider range of audience.

Far From Heaven” is a raw take by the 24-year old R&B singer (and newly signed to Atlantic Records), providing an honest look into her heart as she sings,

So far from Heaven with nowhere to run / Should’ve seen it coming, but we followed the sun / Far from perfect in this universe / No use fixing the things that never work / So far from Heaven (x2)

Although she may have seemed to ignore the signs of love, as she wrote this song — we’re glad JoJo didn’t ignore the signs to continue her singing career. It’s been a good 3 years since the music world has heard a solid track, like this one.

For fans that have been on bended knee’s, heavily anticipating new music by JoJo; fret no longer as her album is set to fall from the Heaven’s above soon. Stay posted with us.

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