4 Reasons Why You Need to See Jennifer Lopez’s New “All I Have” Show in Las Vegas

4 Reasons Why You Need to See Jennifer Lopez’s New “All I Have” Show in Las Vegas

Photos By Denise Truscello, Las Vegas, Nevada

10 costume changes, intricate stage production, pyrotechnics, stellar choreography, and HITS. Jennifer Lopez is nothing short of amazing in her new “All I Have” Las Vegas show.

Opening on January 20th, JLo wowed her audience in her sold out show and drew in some celebrity buddies, including Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber, T.I., Kelly Osbourne, French Montana and more. Impressively, yet not surprisingly, Jen hit record breaking sales and sold out every night the first week.

“I was born to do this” Jen said at the top of her show — and we agree. Here are a list of reasons why you need to see JLo give her all in Vegas.

Photo By Denise Truscello

The Hits:
From “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” to “I’m Real,” and “Jenny From the Block,” Jen didn’t skip over any fan favorites, even gracefully singing “Feel The Light” from the animated family film, “Home.” Dedicating the song to her 8-year-old twins, she also held back tears in a beautiful cover of Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.”

Her pal, Ja Rule also hit the stage, rapping along to “I’m Real,” during her Bronx tribute. Later, the crowd went wild when Latin-Singer, Prince Royce came out to sing along to Debra Laws’ “Very Special” and “All I Have.”

Photo By Denise Truscello

The Costumes:
Did we mention 10 costume changes? According to LA Times, Jennifer was draped in 335,000 Swarovski crystals adorning her Versace and designer costumes. NBD.

As we all know, JLo is extremely dynamic. Throughout the whole show, you see her toggle between sultry in a velvet gown, to sexy in matching bras and panties. Can’t forget her hip-hop-inspired routine segment, along with a tribute to Celia Cruz’s “Quimbara” with her lively Latin-dancers, transitioning into her hit, “Let’s Get Loud.”

The detailed-action continued as she also slid her feet in a hole in the stage and revealed an array of sexy heels. Seriously, how does she dance in those?

Photo By Denise Truscello

The Dancing:
J to the L-O didn’t one bit depend on her dancers throughout the show. After all, let’s not forget she was the flyest Fly Girl on “In Living Color.”

This girl can dance! In heels, in scantily clad outfits, fast, slow, trendy, classic — you name it, she has mastered it.

Photo By Denise Truscello

The Experience:
It’s a wonder how this superstar has time to perfect and execute a live 2-hour high energy show — while having two prime-time shows on Television, a clothing line, endorsement deals, a production company, part ownership in a cable network, and simply being a mom. But she does it.

This Queen poured her heart and soul in her new “All I Have” show, and is guaranteed to leave you with your jaw on the floor wanting more.

See it for yourself. Slip into your favorite Vegas outfit, grab some friends and hit Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater for an unforgettable night.

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