3D Na’Tee Uncut: Dissing Vs. Rapping the Truth, Breaks Down New Album “The Regime” & Performs Live

Video by YSKSK Media

The ultimate goal on Sway in the Morning to is bring talented artists with a strong voice to tell their story. One of these talented artists, 3D Na’Tee has been proving her worth for years now rapping alongside some of the games best and holding more than her own.

Joining Sway in the Morning to break down her new album “The Regime” the New Orleans emcee talks through what inspired her to put together such a cohesive project. Telling her unique story throughout the album 3D Na’Tee tells Sway that she’s always looked up to artists like Nas and Lauryn Hill who always put their life experiences int the music.

Meeting Lauryn Hill at a show recently Na’Tee speaks on going home and writing the song “The Miseducation Of 3D Na’Tee” inspired by Lauryn’s album of the same accord. Writing down everything she wanted to say in that moment she elaborates on what Lauryn’s music meant to her growing up.

Talking about the current state of music Na’Tee candidly tells the crew that she has an issue with some of the content being released as of late. No hate though, she says that music is important to help her and artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole stand out.

Getting back into her project Na’Tee performs “No Luck” and “Too Easy” live in-studio. Bringing fire and passion to the mic she breaks down the hard hitting “Too Easy.” With a few lines alluding to shots at other artists she explains the difference between dissing and simply telling the truth. She also speaks on being her own boss and not being afraid of saying things that could get her fired.

Watch the full interview and performance above and head to 3dnatee.com to grab your copy of “The Regime” and stay tuned for a tour announcement!

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