Sway's SXSW Takeover: New Orleans rapper 3D Na'Tee speaks on her influence to Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse & throws a lyrically twisty freestyle

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The stigma of a new female that comes into the rap game, is usually to stand in some girly rap niche, spitting bars of women empowerment. However, 3D Na’Tee, is one who definitely deserves her own lane — as she strives to fill in the void left by lyrically deficient rappers. In fact, her words are so plentiful they often crowd out any hope for a chorus. This is a per-warning, that if you are not yet familiar with the name 3D Na’Tee, you should probably start your social media search on this girl right now.

Not only is this New Orleans beauty a rising rapper, but her current resume also includes being a song writer and video director. She had previously rapped against Kendrick Lamar, going bar for bar and holding her own — 3D Na’Tee speaks on her opinion in the current lack of energy of Hip-Hop and her 5-year plan.

Watch the interview on Sway In The Morning, as they broadcasted live at Nice Kick in Austin, Texas — during SXSW:

3D Na’Tee‘s fire rap skills was lit in the early stages of her middle school years — reigning out of New Orleans, ribbin’ (rib – ing) was the cool thing to do.

Most people know “ ribbin’ ”  as: Playing the Dozens — meaning, someone would start a beat by beating on a lunch room table or a garbage can, and from there, 3D Na’Tee (who at the time was still known as her government name: Samantha James) lyrically attacking someone who was bold enough to test her skill.

While she has been grinding in New Orleans for years, the densely heavy-tongued lyricist paused the entire show with her quick freestyle:

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