21 Savage and Mac Miller Break Down Lyrics to Their Latest Hits on Genius’ New Series ‘Verified’

Ever wonder exactly what was going through your favorite rapper’s head when he wrote the lyrics to your favorite song? Well Genius is getting straight down to the details in their new ‘Verified’ video series. Sitting artists down with our homie Rob Markman they recite each lyric and break down the parts they see fit, essentially bringing the platform’s services to life.

For the first few episodes the annotation service has tapped the mysterious 21 Savage as well as Pittsburgh staple Mac Miller. Breaking down “X” and “Dang!” respectively they each bring their own personal flare to the video. While 21 Savage takes things incredibly literal, Miller jokes about staying on a strictly pussy diet, of course.

Watch below and make sure to head to Genius for all your lyric needs.

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