2016-17 College Football Season Starts with a Record-Breaking Weekend

2016-17 College Football Season Starts with a Record-Breaking Weekend

When you think of college football typically what comes to mind? The unpredictable outcomes? The tradition and timeless rivalries? Rooting for the underdog? Whatever comes to mind. Whatever makes you watch college football. Whatever you love to see on Saturdays…chances are, you got a full dose of it PLUS some. This past weekend not only signaled a 3-day weekend for a lot of us but it meant the start to another great college football season.

Let’s start with an Appalachian State team that shocked the world by beating Michigan on a late field block. Apparently, they wanted to remove any question as to whether or not it was a fluke because it took Tennessee multiple overtimes and a lucky fumble recovery on the goal line to avoid a similar fate. Although Appalachian  State fell short they brought us back to the reality of anything is possible in college football and for that we salute you, win or loss!

Unfortunately, there were seven other ranked teams that weren’t so lucky! We thought last year’s season was unpredictable but this one is already off to a challenging pace making last weekend the first time ever that 7 ranked teams lost in opening play.



Texas put together one of the most impressive drives to win the game courtesy of QB Swoopes trucking, diving and extending for the goal line. After last year’s Heisman miss by Leonard Fournette we expected him and the #5 LSU Tigers to come out with something to prove. The Big 10 had other plans as Wisconsin handed them an early season loss. They weren’t the only top 5 to go down, Oklahoma lost to a steadily improving Houston team 33-23 in part to a 100-yard field goal miss returned for a TD. As the Cougars keep making a case to join the Big 12, it’s going to take a lot to find reasons why they’re not ready for the conference jump.

Speaking of the Big 12, a former member who made a conference jump themselves, Texas A&M started off their year strong. #16 UCLA was on the losing end as Texas A&M makes a statement loud and clear stating they should’ve made the preseason Top 25. Florida State almost became the third top 5 team to lose but a 22-point comeback against Ole Miss changed their course. Quarterback Deondre Francois made his debut and looks like the lineage of quality quarterbacks will continue after Jameis Winston.

College Football is officially back!

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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