2015 Doomsday Cypher: Lantana and Nino Man

Video by Pace Media | Photo by YSKSK Media

Kicking off our 4th annual Doomsday Cypher, it was only right we start with the original MC that sparked our HYEEEEENA term — Lantana!

No shortage of bars here, as this hungry rapper breaks down his recording process. His passion? Well, it just comes from allowing the beat/music to take over — allowing him to simply “feel it.”

Next up, Nino Man. He was first introduced to us via Jadakiss and immediately impressed us with his bars. Before he gets busy, he reveals the secret sauce to his music.

“The feel that people used to love, I do it in a new way” Nino Man reveals.

Watch both MCs spazz out, and follow their journey on the interwebz: @LantanaEasy @ImNinoMan.

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