2015 College Football Playoff Rankings are Revealed

2015 College Football Playoff Rankings are Revealed

Once upon a time it was the BCS Rankings that led to arguments between College Football enthusiasts but after we all wished, hoped and applauded for a playoff system to be implemented it seems like the conversation has completely transferred. What is it based on? Recent Performance? Strength of Schedule? Conference?

After seeing the very first playoff rankings of 2015, it appears we will have to continue to question the formula while we know each item plays a factor – just how much?


ESPN held the honors as we awaited news of who was in position to earn a trip to Glendale for the National Championship. The results?

1. Clemson

2. LSU

3. Ohio State

4. Alabama

5. Notre Dame

6. Baylor

7. Michigan St.

8. TCU

9. Iowa

10. Florida

vs. the Pre-Season Rankings

1. Ohio State

2. TCU

3. Alabama

4. Baylor

5. Michigan State

6. Auburn

7. Oregon

8. USC

9. Georgia

10. Florida State

While the #1 and #2 spots in LSU and Clemson hold merit between their tough schedule and how well they are playing, the following two selections are not as clear. How does Alabama jump TCU and Baylor (again) when both teams are undefeated? Not to mention TCU has Trevone Boykins who will surely be Top 3 in Heisman voting next to Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook to match their undefeated record.

Who deserves one of those top four spots? Time will tell and this weekend will shake up those rankings for sure. It’s officially do or die for teams hoping to bring home a national championship.

Week 10 Match-ups include:

(1) Clemson vs. Florida State

(8) TCU vs. Oklahoma State

(2) LSU vs. (4) Alabama

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