2014 Doomsday Cypher: MC Jin and Phene

2014 Doomsday Cypher: MC Jin and Phene

One thing Sway has done for years is break new artists and allow them to catapult from his platform, Phene is a perfect example of that. After being one of the most popular “Get in the Game” artists, it should be no surprise that he was handpicked for the 2014 Doomsday Cypher to further show and prove.  That being said, the man has legit skills and if you love hearing new talent as much as we do – sit back and enjoy, you are in for a treat. Also, don’t forget to check out his latest project, Revelation 717, available via iTunes here.

 MC Jin has been one of the most entertaining when it comes to bars since his amazing introduction to the world manhandling most artists on 106th and Park, scary thing is he has only managed to get better with time. His growth on and off the mic is extremely evident as he rips apart the 2014 Doomsday Cypher. The “WOW Factor” is alive and well for this one, so consider yourself warned…you will probably run this back at least three times with a “did he just say that?” face.  Once the overall shock wears off, be sure to support his latest project XIV:LIX via iTunes here.

Follow their moves on Twitter as well: @IAmMCJin x @Phene

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