2014 Doomsday Cypher: Dee1 and Sharaya J

Amongst the most talented artists of Sway In The Morning’s “Doomsday Cypher 2014” — lies Sharaya J and Dee1.

This Friday, let’s start you off with the Jersey girl, Sharaya J who completely slays her cypher for Doomsday. This beauty has also just recently signed on to Wilhelmina Models (Model and Talent Agency). But that’s not the end of it for Sharaya, because it seems that her resume is quiet extensive — including heavy Rapper, Choreographer, Screen Writer — the list goes on. Furthermore, the Jersey Club comes out of her, as she explains her goal in the industry stating,

“I’m just trying to make music fun again. There was a time when Hip-Hop was fun…I just want to show another aspect that does exist in Hip-Hop that’s a part of the culture that I grew up in.

Did I mention, she’s also under the wings of the one and only, Missy Elliot? Yeah, forgot about that minor resume come-up. No big deal right?

Dee-1 on the other hand spits, representing for the ever-so soulful New Orleans. Anybody that knows what’s good with Dee-1, knows that he represents three things, which he calls the “3’s Up” movement (also the title of his most recent EP). He explains  that the meaning of 3’s Up is,

Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant.

With that being said, check out this cypher in-full below:

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