2014 Doomsday Cypher: Acapella Cypher

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Acapella? The average musical mind would go straight to a singing group from the 90’s, in the likes of Shai or SWV.

But not here on Sway In The Morning for “2014 Doomsday Cypher,” my friends. In this series, the crew takes it to no beats and no instrumentals — just plain bars on bars on bars.

The interesting thing about an acapella cypher is the diversity of flows each rapper can throw down, with the addition of characteristics in personal lyrical verses. In this 2014 Doomsday Acapella Cypher, these rappers go fast to slow to mid-tempo. The bars they spit are filled with lyrics of their personal journey, attempting to create a legacy while each hoping to make a mark in the industry. It’s truly worth a listen, to hear what they have to say.

First up, is Astro a.k.a.: The “Astronomical Kid” — who reigns from Brooklyn, NY. Second runner up we got Philly in the house by a spitta’ named Lee Mazin as she goes straight in with a quick acapella. Then Neek Bucks fully supporting that original Chi-Town Bulls. Chris Brown with dreads comes in by the name of Dee-1 as he slows it down one time with a crazy flow *brrrat* — Young Lito lives in la vida loca as he takes the mic and spits a couple bars. Lastly, the uncensored Phene finishes off the acapella cypher, apparently feeling like he hit the lottery as he spits for Sway In The Mornings “2014 Doomsday Cypher“.

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