20 Years Later: That Time Tevin Campbell Shined In "A Goofy Movie" (Video)

Before Pixar changed the industry with the 1995 release of Toy Story, Disney, which was still riding high off of the success of A Lion King, released A Goofy Movie; a throwback to classic animated films. Though Goofy may not have reached the stature of more well known characters he had a following in his right. The tale follows the character as he tries to raise his spirited son, Max Goof.

For those of us who were kids at the time, the real excitement came from the signature songs that made films like The Lion King so successful. While Simba’s singing voice was provided courtesy of Jason Weaver, it was RnB teen sensation Tevin Campbell that stepped in for this film, singing for a character called “Powerline.” This was Tevin at his peak during a period where he was virtually everywhere, including the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where he once appeared as Ashley Banks’ love interest.

Enjoy a blast from the past below:

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