1st Annual Intellect Fest in San Antonio Featuring Kevin McGee, Greg G and More! Hosted By MC Keep Up

1st Annual Intellect Fest in San Antonio Featuring Kevin McGee, Greg G and More! Hosted By MC Keep Up

Modern Intellects – always maintaining relevancy by ignoring current trends and standards but setting our own with a different way of thinking.

That definition found life years ago when a group of music minded college students saw a hip hop need in San Antonio. Partnered with Scoremore (founded by Sascha Guttfreund, Tory Lanez manager) and Ash Chutei (KWL Management), they brought J. Cole, Big Sean and Drake to the state for their first ever shows. But behind the shows – there was DJ Sheednomics, Peabody, DJ Slowboogie (Core 94), Just Gift and last but certainly not least Kevin McGee. The collective would begin discussing bringing a music festival to San Antonio but only one remained in the city to complete it.

McGee who is fresh off the release of his “John Doe” visual and a long stretch of content for fans to thumb through, #CMIYCII, has to be excited nearing the first ever IntellectFest kicking off!

Intellect Fest is a festival I’ve been looking to put together for a few years now. It’s a music festival that embodies multiple aspects of the industry like performances, media, fashion, marketing and more. It started with the idea to put together my own lineup of dope artist like I was seeing other major artist do, for example Tyler The Creator, Drake and Jay Z. “

They say steel sharpens steel and another artist that has been putting in work for YEARS is Greg G (and DJ King Mike). Originally the first artist to catch my attention in San Antonio back in 2005, there are not many artists that deserve the success more than him. Being able to play the piano, produce his own songs while singing and rapping pushed Greg G into a space larger than his hometown forcing him to step out in faith moving to New York. His project ‘The Feelin’ goes to show what talent can be hidden in areas that normally wouldn’t get looks like San Antonio.

That’s exactly what the motivation was behind creating Intellect Fest according to Kevin McGee:

“I really hope it opens another door far artist and the music scene in San Antonio. I’ve seen a few other festivals starting up in the city as well and it’s all a great look for the city. The other major Texas markets are known for their thriving music and arts scenes and San Antonio has that as well, it’s just been a hidden gem for the longest time. I do plan on making this an annual festival, and making it larger every year. I’m a huge fan of sxsw so I would love to add more days to Intellect Fest as well as panels, gaming, and interactive aspects. I really want to have that “discover an incredible talent” feel that south by used to really embrace.”

IFest Flyer

Why each artist was chosen?

That’s a great question. I’ve put together 2/3 shows on my own so far this being the largest and I always pride myself on the line ups. I’ve been to countless shows where people only want to see one person but there are 5/6 openers or other acts that really hurt the show. I’ve watched all these artist on the lineup grow and build and I truly stand behind their music. Also one of the themes of this festival is #DayOnes, so everybody that is apart of it has really shown love and been supportive since I reached out. Rather it be the media like Wavez Movement, Street Dreams Radio, Go Fro Media, and more who spun the music and did interviews with me anytime I asked or all the artist who were humble enough to rock with me and build this from the bottom. This event is for all of us.

Check out some music from the artists that will be on stage this Saturday for #IntellectFest16

Greg G


Soul of Sherif

Phree Bass Sampulz

Knowing how much quality music has been coming from Kevin McGee over the years, it is really only a matter of time before the world catches up. He and a group of hip hop lovers have created an entirely different energy for the San Antonio scene. Once you add MC Keep Up to the mix, understand you’re in for a dope event!

Only a few days left until #IntellectFest16 at Leaky Barrel, 7959 Fredericksburg. Grab tickets here ASAP!


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