17-Year Old Devin Haney Youngest Professional Boxer in the U.S. Talks Training with Floyd Mayweather Sr., Hanging Out at Jay-Z House, Signing Himself and Shows Off Hand Speed Live on Air

Video by YSKSK Media

Growing up in Oakland, CA. Devin was getting into a lot of fights at school and instead of allowing them to use medication,  his father decided to take that aggression and put it into something more useful by letting him go to the gym against some trained professionals. His first time ever sparring was with a kick boxer, he ended up knocking him out of his shoes! Talk about an early confidence booster.

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to talent and work ethic. He’s been fighting since the age of 7, already won 7 national championships and has landed on the scope of Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation Sports with a perfect record thanks to some amazing training with Floyd Mayweather Sr. When you think of Floyd Jr. a lot of people think oh he’s super arrogant but what they don’t see is the countless hours spent working and constantly improving. That is definitely going to benefit Devin Haney as he grows in the sport of boxing realizing that the work never ends, even at 49-0 and being able to see Floyd in the gym on occasion.

Not only did the skill translate but the business savvy as well, Haney during the interview makes note that he’s starting his own company instead of signing else where. Incredible mindset to have at only age 17, check it out below and be sure to look out for Devin Haney as he rising through the boxing ranks!

Check out the full interview above and see his hands live in action.

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