Ten Of The Hardest DJ Premier Beats of The Last 20 Years

Ten Of The Hardest DJ Premier Beats of The Last 20 Years

DJ Premier’s career originated in 1989 and now 30 years later, the legend is still crafting the sound of lyricists old and new. When it comes to hall of fame producers, you always have to mention the name Preemo, because his signature sound is the audible representation of what this culture was founded on.

Often times we only recognize the man for his earlier works Gang Starr, Biggie, KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and Nas to name a few. But he has put out a lot of music on the other side of the millennium change. And we wanted to highlight a few of the hardest songs that he has put his fingerprints on. These are not ranked or in any particular order, just an appreciation for dope hip-hop.

PRhyme – “You Should Know” (Feat. Dwele)

Bun B – “Let Em Know”

Bumpy Knuckles – “RNS”

Papoose – “Turn It Up”

Joey Bada$$ – “Unorthodox”

Drake – “Sandra’s Rose”

Jadakiss – “None of Ya’ll Betta” (Feat. The Lox)

Nas – “2nd Childhood”

Common – “6th Sense”

JAY-Z – “So Ghetto”

DJ Premier is turning 53 in March, and it is amazing that he still has the same love for Hip Hop as he did back in 1989. Premier is going to showcase some of those beats from the vault in the latest Doomsday Cypher. Be on the look out for that, and of course more music from this legend. Salute to DJ Premier, you are a god among men!

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