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Young Dirty Bastard doesn't hold back as he fearlessly speaks on his feeling against WuTang & Explains that He needs to feed his Family + Gives his number out on-air

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Large Professor speaks on having to slow the tempo down to accommodate the state of music right now, as he prepares a hungry MC by the name of: Young Dirty Bastard.

Son to legend, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, this young buck speaks on his thoughts of why he didn’t pop off at the time of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa’s rise — as he should have. But he is trying to leave that in the past as he tells Sway,

Right now, nothing is holding me back. Because I’m here with you!

This young bastard goes in on his interview with Sway and explains his current state-of-mind. This Brooklyn boy opens up about where he is currently living, to how he gets around with no car and no money. With that being said, Young D.B. boldly lays it all out on the table — telling Sway that he turned down a time to tour with Wu-Tang. Young Dirty Bastard says,

“I told Wu-Tang I’m not coming on their tour. Because they’re not giving me what I want and more. I deserve it all!”

And before he can continue, Large Professor (L.P.) has to pause the young bastard from talking any more dirty about Wu saying,

“Aye. That’s Fam. That’s Fam.”

See where this interview takes itself, as Young Dirty Bastard continues to speak on his feelings over Wu-Tang. He confidently says on-air,

“I’m not that poor, but I’m poor. I’m not that rich, but I’m the sh!t.”

Continuing on to give out his number, surprising everyone in studio as he goes on-air stating,


This guy is a class act y’all. You’ll probably want to watch this entire interview, so you can cop his digits and catch his exclusive Friday Cypher over L.P.’s beat in the end.

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