Watch As Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver

You know, you never know who you might run into, and today that couldn’t be more true. Today we get to watch as Odell Beckham Jr. goes undercover as a Lyft Driver. While he’s been under a lot of heat recently for his random trip to Miami before the big playoff game this weekend, today Odell returns with something fun and light hearted.

The clip finds Odell Beckham Jr. Poses As A Lyft Driver, picking up some unsuspecting passengers in the process. The clip finds the receiver wearing a beanie and large aviator sunglasses and speaks to his guests about football and more before taking an awkward phone call. Check out the hilarious video in the clip below and speak your mind on it after the jump. Stay tuned for much more and be sure to watch Odell this weekend in the NFL Playoffs.

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