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Wale Uncut: Conversation with President Obama and Nicki Minaj, Charity in the Hood + Freestyles Live

With his new single “My PYT” making its way around the country, DMV native Wale recently stopped by the Sway in the Morning studios.

Opening things up by speaking on the way he’s perceived in the media. Explaining his definition of success he speaks on wanting to work with Nintendo and the WWE as well as write for some major names in music.

With his work in the community he speaks on his last album being played in prisons and helping those in need. Joining President Obama along with Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, Rick Ross and others in the rap community he opens up about the conversation that transpired.

During his time Wale also DJ’s for Lil Mikey before spitting a few verses of his own.

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