Toronto Native Keysha Freshh Pays Homage with “Boogie Flats”

One of the most important yet overlooked and unappreciated things that provides music a lifeline to grow is knowing where it came from. So often younger artists will get a rush of ego thinking they’re above or disrespectful towards MCs, journalists and once upon a time execs not understanding the fact it is because of those very people they’re given certain opportunities.

Such is not the case with Toronto talent Keysha Freshh (@freekeysha) having worked with legend Doug E Fresh, she fully understands that concept and pays homage to her influences in a brand new track “Boogie Flats”. It is said to be the first single off her upcoming project ‘In Samadhi‘ in collaboration with producer BriskInTheHouse.

“Boogie Flats comes from a space of appreciation for the culture and the art form. Everything from the sneakers to the scenery. My mission was to paint as vivid of a picture that I possibly could so that when the OG’s listen, it sparks nostalgic memories but also lets a younger crowd know where certain things came from. Brisk was the one who gave me the idea to add the samples in the hook to pay homage to MC’s like Rakim on there, and one of my Toronto influences Maestro Fresh Wesdrop the needle sample.” Freshh.

Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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