Time Warner and Snapchat A $100 Million USD Content Partnership

Technology has changed everything, including the way we consume and create content. Today we get a big announcement from Time Warner and Snapchat who have come together in a huge content partnership deal. The word on the e-streets is that the two have recently signed a $100 million USD content partnership that will increase ads seen on Snapchat, while also leading to the development of new made-for-Snapchat shows.

This will be similar to shows currently released by networks and publications on Snapchat, running around three to five minutes in an assortment of genres. The new deal is part of Snapchat’s plan to increase original content while cashing in on a new, untapped revenue stream. According to the deal, Snapchat will keep 50 percent of the ad revenue while Time Warner will begin running ads for its media properties on the platform. Exciting news and indeed a game changer. Speak your thoughts on the deal below and give us your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned for more on this coming soon!

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