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The Red Light Special: Salaam Remi speaks on working with Miguel on Wildheart & Reveals exclusive insight on working with Amy Winehouse & Nas + Explains the famous "Slick Rick" line

By Maria-Karmina

After a good Independent break (The 4th of July) — Kristin Coral and Rob Markman jump back out of firework mode and into music news (firework) mode.

From the jump, the two began to hash things out about the news that broke on Miguel. If you haven’t heard yet, Miguel has been on the road promoting his album Wildheart, and in the midst of his high — Miguel made a comment which was directed towards the ever-so low-key, Frank Ocean.

Of course, the Internet had to blow the statement out of context, in attempts to hear a chirp from Frank Ocean as we all anticipate his forthcoming project.

Well with all that being said, this installment is a little special because not only do we get the insights from these two R&B Officianado’s — we even get some insights from one of the Producer’s behind Miguel’s track “Face the Sun (Feat. Lenny Kravitz)” off of his latest album.


He’s well known in the streets by the name of Salaam Remi, and he has worked with The Fugee’s, Alicia Keys, Nas; the list goes on. One stand out artist amongst that list is the late Amy Winehouse, whom Salaam had the opportunity to work in-studio with. In this installment, Rob and Kristin get him to speak on that and get an exclusive story behind her famous track “Me & Mr. Jones” — you’ll want to listen as he reveals that the song was actually intended for Nas and playfully makes us imagine his plan to have Amy Winehouse jump on Nas’ “Made You Look.”

Although Salaam is a humble cat in the game, he speaks up in this podcast and let’s us in on some gems. He speaks on Miguel’s structured way of writing his songs and how he got Lenny Kravitz to play guitar on “Face The Sun“; to his work with Cee-Lo Green; and goes in depth with his own discography as a Producer and his work in the studio as he celebrates his 30th year of his very first credit; he also gives us the exclusive introduction to G-Units newest artist, Rotimi.

Take a listen to the full interview and the gems that contextually consist in the conversation:

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