Taye Diggs Interview: Being the First African American as the Lead Role in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' on Broadway


Taye Diggs took his talents to the Broadway stage recently to take on a role that uniquely changed his perspective, it also was one of the most challenging in his opinion. How so? He let us know on Sway in the Morning, you can see for yourself just how different things were for the star in ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’.

But, we will say his ability to take a step outside of who he normally appears to us as on the big screen, completely unafraid of reviews or general perception and deliver to a Broadway audience in this manner goes to show just how talented Taye Diggs truly is. Expectations may have been a little higher as well as becoming the first African American to secure the role. So, job well done for not only killing the stage but also breaking barriers and opening doors for others that may have Broadway aspirations.

You can enjoy the full interview right here:



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  • DP macMILLAN

    wow I just realized…where I recognize you in so many movies… its been a min for me with some of these flicks tho…keep it up Mr. Diggs…which rolls in the past do you do best …?