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T.I. Passionately Speaks on Role in “Roots,” Tidal Partnership & Working With Dr. Dre

Starring in The History Channel’s upcoming mini series “Roots,” T.I. joins Sway in the Morning to open up about his role and fill us in on what else is new in his life.

Playing the role of Cyrus, TIP opens up about reading the script and feeling obligated to be a part of this special moment. “This is the most important piece of work I’ve done,” he says.

Along with “Roots,” T.I. is continuing his entrepreneurial nature by partnering with Jay Z and Tidal. He speaks on the platform’s equity with the artists themselves and being able to speak his mind.

Linking with Pepsi recently, he gives Sway some details on a forthcoming musical in which he will act and produced. Before he takes off TIP also speaks on working with Dr. Dre on “Dope” and what his new project will sound like.

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