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SU Spotlight: JAZMIN Sisters Give 90′s Classics a New Spin

Nicky Geezy February 24, 2014 Comments Off

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On this edition of the SU Spotlight, we’re focusing on LA’s Chinese-American singers, the JAZMIN Sisters.

These 4 ladies took SWV’s classic hit, Weak, and flipped it to make their current single, You, off their EP 90′s Baby.

Take a listen to the Midi Mafia/Brand X produced track, and learn more about these upbeat sisters below. Follow @JAZMINsisters on Twitter.

JAZMIN Sisters Spotlight

What separates the JAZMIN Sisters from the music scene right now?
We grew up listening to Motown, Swing and Jazz because that was what our parents listened to, but when we got older we were exposed to Hip Hop and fell in love. We merged all of our musical influences together which became our sound, and it’s amazing that we can pursue this genre of music as Chinese-American sisters.

Your current single, “You,” samples SWV’s classic “Weak,” any particular memory you had with that song growing up? When we first heard the song “Weak” we couldn’t stop listening to SWV. They are one of our biggest girl group inspirations. “Weak” was also one of the first acapella songs we ever learned as a group because of its incredible harmonies.

Your EP is entitled, “90′s Baby,” why did you decide to flip 90′s hits?
When we started recording with Midi Mafia they asked us to send a list of songs we liked, and the majority of the list ended up being songs from the 90’s. So we decided to base our EP on songs that we were passionate about, and that is how 90’s Baby was born!

What are your favorite songs off the project and why?
This is a hard question because we genuinely love every song on the project since each track shows a different side to us, but if we had to choose, we would pick “You” and “Laid Back”. “You” references our girl group influences and it’s a love song dedicated to our fans. “Laid Back” is another favorite because it is very personal to us and tells the true story of how we grew up and where we came from.

What do you want your listeners to walk away thinking/feeling after listening to the EP?We want our listeners to walk away feeling like they just experienced a good house party! We also want the EP to give a sense of happy nostalgia along with something new and exciting!

If you can describe each of your personalities with one word, what would they be?Nadia is Passionate, Felicia is Fresh, Celia is Silly and Daria is Fun!

How did you connect with Midi Mafia and Brand X?
We had been in contact with them for a while, but it was only until 2 years ago that we started recording with them and creating the sound for this project. They believed in our vision and we were able to be ourselves with them. It was an immediate chemistry and right away we knew that this was the beginning of something real!

What are your 2014 plans?
We’re always in the studio working on new music and we’re really excited because we have a lot of shows lined up for the year. Outside of that we are plotting world domination! :)

Cop JAZMIN Sister’s “90s Baby,” HERE.

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