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King Los Exclusively Announces with Sway That He is No Longer With Bad Boy + Premiere’s New Song “Woke Up Like This”

Nicky Geezy March 19, 2014 Comments Off


When he first signed with Bad Boy, Sway broke the news on MTV. Now, King Los swings by Sway in the Morning to break more big bad boy news.

Drum roll please…

“King Los is officially a free agent.” Sway says on behalf of Los,
“he’s cool with Diddy, but no longer with Bad Boy.”

Along with that exclusive announcement, Los world premieres his new song, Woke Up Like This with Sway in the Morning. Listen below.

Zero Gravity 2 is due next Monday, March 24th, a day after his birthday. Come back to later in the day, we’ll be posting footage for his 5 Fingers of Death!

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