Majid Jordan sings "My Love" & takes Drake along with him. Of course.

By Maria-Karmina
O Canada! O Canada! Why you wanna be “My Love“?

That’s the question Majid Jordan and Drake are asking.
drake gif photo: Drake gif drake14.gif

The two release their brand new single “My Love,” which holds a vibe that is fairly electro-alternative in sound. Produced by Nineteen85 & Illangelo (and co-produced by Majid, himself) the two Canadian’s ask their ladies if their love is just for show. Majid sings,

I’m not your trophy, baby / I won’t let you show me off or shine me up

This Canadian artist (Majid) has been making major waves throughout the industry with his previous hit titled, “Her” and his recent surprise soundtrack release just days before this one with Drake (via: soundcloud).

Majid Jordan’s melody carry the song — but Drake comes through to clean up the track with a pretty interesting performance.

Take a listen, below:

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