Kendrick Lamar Appears on Jidenna Smash Hit "Classic Man" for Official Remix

Originality can easily turn into something cherished forever just take a look at the list of albums we call classics, most of them are considered such in large part because of their originality/creativity. You can take your pick of which word to use when describing both Jidenna and Kendrick Lamar. It almost seems like a perfect fit for Jidenna over at Janelle Monae‘s Wondaland label as she embodies the very same qualities.

His debut single “Classic Man” couldn’t have possibly be received any better as it spread quick, fast and in a hurry eventually bringing us to this point. Only a few months away from The Eephus EP release, Jidenna reignites the momentum and excitement by surprising everyone with a Kendrick Lamar feature for the remix.  If fans were that receptive with the original, we can only imagine how this one is going to impact the music scene.

Check out the Jidenna and Kendrick Lamar collaboration for the “Classic Man” remix below:

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