Kelly Kinkaid

Kelly Kinkaid

It only took a simple yet profound conversation about life with a fellow co-worker that confirmed Kelly’s decision to move to New York City to pursue her career in the music industry. The Jackson State University graduate always knew her purpose in life was to INSPIRE and wasn’t afraid to embrace that mission.

Upon her arrival to New York, Kelly landed Internships through networking with major companies like RCA Records, EMI and Columbia Records. During that time, she was afforded the opportunity to work with many talented executives and artists that helped mold the Aspiring Executive. Those long lasting experiences equipped her to move on to bigger heights.

Kelly has built a strong resume working with music and entertainment companies StepSun Music/Tommy Boy, TreMedia, V. Brown & Co. and Sony Music.

“My tenure with each employer afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow so much as an Executive. StepSun was my record company boot camp. I’ll never forget my time there working with Bill Stephney and staff.”

says Kelly. Throughout her career, Kelly has gathered valuable knowledge, networking skills and experience to create her own entities like, Golden Shepherd Alliance and OverDeliver Entertainment. Both companies focus on executing effective marketing campaigns and strategies for clients. Her past and present client list includes Suburban Noise, Kalifornia Dreamin’, Burrell Advertising, author and film producer Nelson George, Paul Mooney, Deborah Cox, Lil Scrappy, Jim Jones & Byrdgang, OJ Da Juiceman, Saigon, Locksmith, DJ Jazzy Joyce and MTV news senior correspondent & SiriusXM personality, Sway Calloway.

Jackson continues to diversify her portfolio with adding Supervising Show Producer for SiriusXM Shade 45 morning show, Sway In the Morning Show and Managing Editor of the accompanying website, She continues to increase her connections and database in other areas of entertainment and understands the importance of strategically marketing to all demographics and reaching people globally.

In addition to her business duties, Kelly is the host of health and wellness segment on Sway in the Morning called, First Aid with Kelly KinKaid. The weekly radio segment focuses on speaking to and with the listeners about important topics like Hypertension, Depression, Cancer, Obesity and all things that elevate the mind, body and soul. Past guests include Dr. Ian Smith, Iyanla Van Zant, Jeanette Jenkins, Jillian Michaels, AJ Johnson and more! “Each week I am humbled by the callers’ positive feedback and desire to live longer and better. I am blessed to continue my mission to inspire through all the platforms in my life. Health is Wealth!”

  1. Kelly Kinkaid can you send me info regarding your Health and Wellness show. I would like to see about having my celebrity chef be a guest. Check out his website and some of his social media pages.
    Instagram: @Chef_Stew/@Luenell/@GeorgeBostick #chefstew #stewandlue
    Facebook: Stewarts Bistro

  2. enoy Listing To Kelly when see pops up WORD….its hard to catch her sometimes but when you do….she does know what she bout…Peeps

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