J-Dilla Production + New Slum Village Album? 'YES!' Full Stream Available

Slum Village Saturday.

The brand new Slum Village album featuring J Dilla production has finally reached the week of its official release (June 16th) and fortunately for fans everywhere the Detroit collective is giving us a full length preview. It’s hard to put words behind what Slum Village and Dilla contribute to music separately but the one thing that is very easily conveyed is the fact their impact is greatly magnified when they join forces. It is simply a feeling, a void that can never be replaced or filled by any other sound in music. R.I.P J Dilla forever living on in not only our hearts but with every drum, kick and rhythm he gave the world.

Stream the new Slum Village 12-track album ‘Yes!‘ below, guaranteed to set the tone for a great day. Let us know which track is your favorite and support via iTunes here.

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